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my vida loca

28 July 1985


yes the perfect animal activists
totally sad stuff

this is an extension of my magnos2020 lj. i felt i needed more room heh.
also my friends list is kinda crowded on my other lj.
for all you people who dont know my name is mike im 21 and i live in florida
im 5'9 145 lbs brown eyes and brown hair
im also very political!and strongly interested in social issues!
im half irish half mexican and i was born in hawaii and lived till i was 6 then i moved to maryland and down to florida in 96 where i reside now . my favorite food's are either steak and pasta. my favorite movies are bill and ted's exellent adventures,the princess's bride,braveheart,10 things i hate about you,how high,half baked,dazed and confused,troy,king arthur,lords of the rings,jay and silent bob strike back,dogma,jersey girl eurotrip and the list goes on and on! my fav bands are dropkick murphys, BAD RELIGION,deftones,lincoln park,slipknot,korn,metallica,black sabbath,avenged sevenfold,dashboard confessional,smile empty soul,the used,less then jake,pink floyd,freya,ill nino,killswitch engage type o negative,breaking benjamin, and the list goes on and on and on forever. im a big entertainment buff. and im well rounded. i read alot and i mean alot! my fav authors are ann rice,mark twain

robert frost,emily dickinson and of course edgar allen poe! qouth the raven nevermore! i am a very sweet sentimental guy who is very emotional but im a leo also so dont piss me off!

my hobbies include going to the beach,music,movies,reading,writing poems,studying social issues and the list goes on there also.

im a free spirit by nature and i have a good sense of humor and i can be a "people person" when im not shy or feeling inferior and struggling with my emotions

well im done rambling if anyone wants to know anything else or ever chat email me! i would love to hear from you!
420, : 36 crazyfists, a perfect circle, aclu, adventure, agnosticism, alcohol, anarchism, animal activism, anti bush, anti goverment, archenemy, bad religion, blacklite, blindside, blood sports, blowing shit up, bob marley, body mod, bong rips, bounty hunting, candlebox, chaos, chevelle, chick metal, cky, coal chamber, coffee, coheed&cambria, cold, conspiracy's, conversation, cradle of filth, crazy, crossbreed, crying, cuddle, cuddling, danzig, death, deftones, dragons, emo, erotica cypress hill, escorts, family guy, fire, freedom, from autumn to ashes, fuck, goth, hardcore, haste, hatebreed, him, hot chicks, humanism, humanist, ill nino, industrial, kittie, liberal, libertarian, marijuanna, marilyn manson, mercenary, metal, military, moshing, motlov cocktails, mudvayne, mushroomhead, my hotel year, nietzche, nightwish, nihilism, nin, nirvana, nudity, opeth, orgy, party, phone sex, piercings, pink floyd, playful, poetry, poison the well, polyamory, pot, prodigy, radiohead, rage against the machine, rammstein, randomness, rave, reefer, rob zombie, rocket launchers, rough sex, satan, satanism, screamo, sepultura, sevendust, sex, silverchair, slayer, slipknot, smashing pumpkins, smoker, snipers, social activism, soulfly, sound garden, south park, spineshank, stabbing westward, static x, stoner, stutterfly, sublime, such is life, system of a down, taproot, tattoos, techno, the beach vampyres, the simpsons, threesomes, thursday, tool, trance, vampires, vegan, vegetarian, vodka, weapons., whiskey, white russians, wicca, wild, zao.